Welcome to Bennie's world

Digital Nomad, Foodie, and lover of all things GREEN! A combination that drives me to do what I have embraced as a lifestyle


Did not start as planned

2008 – Enrolled in College to major in Digital Media

2009 Dropped out of college

2010 – 2012 Hustling between jobs

2013 Sold everything I owned and moved from Midwest to South East Asia with my Phone and computer.

My decision to travel across the world brought a muchneeded dose of clarity. I like my life on the move. Absorb experiences from the surroundings while I keep a job. The world of digital and content marketing made it all possible. I am here to tell you that if working 9-5 is consuming your aspirations, f*ck it! You can get out there and live the life you always wanted. Being a part of the digital world helped me to live the life of my dreams. I have faith that it can transform the soul of many others like me.


How to use the power of social, content, and digital technologies to transform lives and businesses.

  • Offering transformative insights to help brands get more web traffic.
  • Reflecting on the use of data and analytics to understand what resonates with brand consumers
  • Coaching on how to use social networks to grow your business and change your life.


  • Inspiring and educating people on How to win at business and life in a digital world.

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