Initiating my nomadic journey was the beginning of my "dream life" — I had always wanted to wander the earth, get an understanding of new cultures, languages, foods, and experience firsthand the wonders of the world. This is a small portion of my journey before I became a digital nomad, an entrepreneur.

My Nomadic Journey

I’m an ex-alcoholic, and a (recovering) drug addict determined to remain clean on the course of my life long journey.

I’d like to have an open, truthful discussion. I think I’m lastly ready.

Traveling is wonderful. It takes us to brand-new locations, draws us out of our self-created bubbles, and crosses our paths with some stunning people.

My story is a bit various than many other digital wanderer stories– and I’d like to share a glimpse of what my journey has appeared like so far, and how it’s affected me (and those around me).

Addiction is running rampant, but we have the power to eliminate it. We have the power to recover our lives and live life on OUR terms.

I have handled addiction concerns because of high school. I began drinking at an early age, around 16 when I had my very first few Malibu and Cokes. Like a lot of 16-20-year-olds, I would consume alcopops with my friends and seldom suffer a hangover. It wasn’t really up until my mid 20’s when I was regularly drinking, the nights out would turn into all-nighters, and things began to get out of hand. I’d persuaded myself that I needed alcohol to enjoy, I wanted to fit in.

Before I knew it, alcohol use disorder and alcoholism grasped my life, and I was headed in a downward spiral. Recreational drugs entered into the scene, and I’d stay up until 6 am/7 remain in the early morning. I’m ashamed to state I’d likewise drive after drinking. My better judgment and self-regard were being worn down as the next day. I would feel ashamed at what I’d done.

I’d pushed myself to the point where I knew needed a game-changer, and I’d finally had enough. The years of alcoholic abuse had actually taken their toll, and I was actually rather scared of the circumstance I was in. It seemed like I was going mad, and I had to break the cycle. I couldn’t trust myself, and I felt out of control.

I left my day job and utilized my savings to buy a ticket to Vietnam figured out to make the change I was aiming to make. Prior to leaving Michigan, I had to look for treatment for alcohol use disorder. I checked myself into rehabilitation with the assistance of my family. I finally had the time to start focusing on healing myself and began my journey of self-care. Practicing meditation daily, checking out self-help and stop lit books, and joining a 90-day alcohol-free obstacle. I looked for inspiration everywhere. Altering my diet, working out, and running. As I began to establish the tools I required to gain confidence and perspective, I was able to quit drinking in the week and over the months as I was regaining control of my life. The spaces between drinking grew longer.

For the first time in a long time, I had clarity. I had the mindfulness and the discipline to commit to my digital entrepreneurial endeavor. I’m now five years without alcohol. I feel strong and identified and more resolute now than ever to develop the life I want and should have. There are and will be times when I will be tested, but I have the tools now to cope with it.

No one should have to live and die as an addict or alcoholic. No one. You’re not alone. Individuals enjoy you, and individuals appreciate you. So reach out and request help.